We offer a Montessori education for children from 3 months through 12 years incorporating Spanish immersion and Spanish Dual Language. We also offer Mandarin Immersion. Our Mandarin Dual Language Program will begin in 2024.

Our Children House and Elementary Programs are mixed age groupings. This hallmark of the Montessori method provides younger children with role models and older children the opportunity to mentor younger classmates and build confidence.

All of our programs are centered on the individual child and classroom environments are prepared to entice and engage children's natural curiosity and desire for independence. Notice that everything in the class is within reach of the children. Guides (that's our name for teachers) present the materials (we call them work) at the child's level and demonstrate respect by listening carefully and using adult language.

Our Montessori curriculum is highly structured and meets or exceeds New York State standards. Families are encouraged to follow their child's progression by logging on to Transparent Classroom. This user-friendly tool provides a window into children’s progress and common ground for classroom guides and parents to use in supporting their child's achievements.

We invite you to explore the program descriptions that follow and connect with us to answer any questions you might have.

Ms. Becky Simkhai, Head of School