Mission & DEIB Statements, Our Values

Mission Statement

We are a diverse team of professional educators committed to providing our students with an authentic Montessori learning experience where problem solving, collaboration, respect and kindness are highly valued, and where independance, competence and resilience are the goal.

We see each child as a unique human being who is intrinsically motivated to learn and develop – socially, emotionally, and academically.

Our classrooms are filled with engaging, hands on materials that support each child to achieve mastery of the clearly defined Montessori curriculum.

Within the prepared and structured environment of our classrooms, children follow their interests and work at their own pace. Given the freedom to follow their natural curiosity, children develop a love of learning.

To prepare our young learners to become contributing citizens, we foster empathy, the understanding of different viewpoints and a strong sense of belonging to, and being responsible for, our local and global communities.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Our Commitment:

Together our school community of diverse faculty and staff, caring families, and young learners are deeply engaged in and committed to the pursuit of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) in our school.

As Montessorians we believe that our students are both the hope and the promise for an equitable and peaceful future. We are grateful that our school community has the guided opportunity to dismantle bias and racism: in ourselves, in our policies, and in our practices. This important work will help the children we serve develop the foundational values and skills to flourish in a future where equity-informed, multi-racial, multi-cultural principles and behaviors are valued.

We believe that learning thrives in an atmosphere where inclusion and equity are modeled, differences are welcomed, questions are prized, exploration is safe, and where individuals feel the warmth of belonging.

Our Actions:

  • To help our young learners become aware of and deeply respect diversity, recognize the distinct contributions of their own history, and dwell in our common humanity, Williamsburg Montessori School will:
  • Embed the knowledge of diverse races and cultures in the school experience through its curriculum, its library, and its events.
  • Provide its faculty, staff, and families with ongoing education, mentoring and resources to support and enhance DEIB policies and practices.
  • Support faculty in the continual process of self-reflection and learning to foster respect and belonging.
  • Create a student body that is more reflective of the global majority by increasing outreach and strengthening inclusive policies.
  • Deepen its partnership with families as an opportunity to continually improve the DEIB experience.

Our Values

  • We meet the needs of each child every day
  • We follow the educational method defined my Dr. Maria Montessori
  • We continuously improve our knowledge and skills to ensure an exemplary learning environment for our students
  • We see families as partners in their children’s education