Mission and Values

Mission Statement

We are a team of professional educators committed to providing the children in our care with an authentic Montessori learning experience in a learning community that prizes problem-solving, collaboration, respect for individuals, and kindness.

We see each child as a unique individual who is intrinsically motivated to learn and develop. We provide the prepared environment, encouraging curiosity to help them gain independence, competence and an enduring love of learning, which is the foundation of academic achievement. To prepare our young learners to become contributing citizens, we foster empathy, the understanding of different viewpoints and a strong sense of belonging to and being responsible for our local and global communities.

Values We Live By

  • Icosn We meet the needs of each individual child every day
  • Icosn We follow the educational method defined by Dr. Maria Montessori
  • Icosn We continuously improve our knowledge and skills to ensure that we are creating an exemplary learning environment for our students.
  • Icosn We see families as partners in their children’s education and foster a community built on open and timely two-way communication and opportunities for families to learn about their child’s educational process.