children 6-12 years

Nurturing Creativity, Critical Thinking and Exploration

The Elementary program is a mixed age environment that spans first through sixth grade. Children working in this beautiful and well-equipped classroom are naturally curious and want to know how the world works. The range of materials offered truly provides the world at their fingertips. Through hands on exploration, children dive deep into their investigation of language, mathematics, science, history and the arts. Learning is integrated across subject areas, with the starting point being the “Great Lessons”. Children are encouraged to ask questions, investigate ideas, and follow their imagination.

Working With Others Collaboratively and Cooperatively

At this stage, children have a strong drive to be social and collaborative. They often work in pairs or small groups learning how to navigate sharing ideas, and learning to deal with differences. Practical life skills are a continued focus as the children work towards self-care independence. They take ownership of their classroom community, cooking, sewing and caring for the animals and plants that live in the classroom.

Learning Inside And Outside the Classroom

Curiosity at this age level is boundless, and the classroom resources are a perfect compliment to this period of exploration and discovery. Exploring the natural, cultural and educational resources outside of the classroom are an integral part of the program as well. Students spend time daily outside often at Domino park, and they regularly visit local art and science museums, botanical gardens, libraries and civic institutions. They also participate in local cultural offerings and community events.

Developing the Whole Child

In addition to the academic work of the elementary classroom, students focus on the developing their social, emotional and physical growth. Deep and meaningful friendships are formed and nourished during this highly social period. Self-regulation skills such as breath work and yoga are practiced to support their emotional health. This holistic view of education organically supports the elementary student as they make the journey through the childhood years and prepare to enter adolescence.