Our Mission / Our Vision

Philosophy, Mission and Goals for Children

We respect and accept each of the children that have been entrusted into our care for the special and unique individual that she/he is.

We are professional educators working together to provide a warm, loving, and nurturing Montessori environment for the children we serve. We share a vision of peace, both within each child and in the classroom environment.  We work to achieve that peace through our own daily experiences and through the skills we are developing within ourselves. We focus on meeting the needs of each individual child, encouraging exploration, critical thinking and problem solving, in a community marked by kindness and respect for self and others.  Our environment is prepared to stimulate learning providing children with an array of Montessori materials that they learn to master at their own pace.  Above all we want our students to develop a lifelong joy for learning and the ability to be a curious, contributing, compassionate, respectful community members.

In the tradition of Dr. Maria Montessori, our school is committed to helping our young learners develop: Independence; Self-direction; Self-acceptance; Feelings of membership and responsibility in a social group, and Joy in learning and living.